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Remarks on Color / Sound

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Performance of HUMAN / NATURE at UC Davis

May 16 | from Sunrise to Sunset
Remarks on Color / Sound
Headlands Center for the Arts | Gym Studio
944 Fort Barry, Sausalito, CA 94965
Directions to Headlands

Remarks on Color / Sound is a 14-hour piece, which explores collaborative work in a variety of mediums and is based in a reading of Stephen Ratcliffe’s poem by the same title (written between 7.15.05 and 4.8.08 – 1,000 pages in 1,000 consecutive days). Utilizing sound, light, movement and sculpture in an open dialogue with the architecture of the surrounding space, this performance extends investigations into the integration/interaction of human beings and natural landscape begun in our 2008 performance, human/nature, at UCDavis: “the relation between things seen/observed in the natural world and how such things might be made (transcribed/transformed) as works of written (or visual) art.”

Remarks on Color / Sound will take place in the Gym Studio at Headlands Center for the Arts, where Thingamajigs’ cofounder Edward Schocker is currently an Artist in Residence. The performance will be held on the same day as the 2009/ 2010 Graduate Fellows Exhibition opening, which takes place in Building 944 (3rd Floor) on the Headlands campus. Headlands Center for the Arts hosts an internationally recognized Artist in Residence program, as well as interdisciplinary public programs, aiming to create dialogue and exchange that build an appreciation for the role of art in society. Find out more at headlands.org.

The historic gymnasium of the Headlands Center for the Arts offers an ideal location for this event. As the sunlight moves through the giant windows the shadows and hues create an ever-changing landscape. The piece starts at 5:59 AM (sunrise) and ends when the entire work has bee spoken (approx. 14 hours).  Audience members are encouraged to come in and out of the space as they wish, or to bring a pillow or mat and stay as long as you would like. You might even go for a hike or a picnic and come back.

“That which I am writing about so tediously, may be obvious to someone whose mind is less decrepit.” – Wittgenstein, Remarks on Color

Directions: Headlands Center for the Arts is accessible from San Francisco by MUNI Bus #76, which runs every hour on Sundays between 9:30AM and 5:30PM. For directions, visit www.headlands.org or call 415-331-2787 x2

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