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On April 10, 2013, Posted by , In News, With Comments Off on Music in Series

This series has been going on for almost 15 years and I’m so honored to be a part of it. I’ll be presenting works for electric guitars, non-Western instruments, and my glass instruments. More details coming soon on performers, but I’ll leave you with this initial information below…

Meridian Music Composers in Performance presents:

Edward Schocker: Music in Series
Wednesday, May 8, 7:30PM
Meridian Gallery, San Francisco

Performers for this concert include Yun-kyong Jin, Suki O’Kane, Brian Baumbusch, Giacomo Fiori, Jean Ann and others.

Meridian Music Composers in Performance presents Edward Schocker: Music in Series, the season’s final installment in our Concert Series.  This will be a unique concert featuring the Oakland-based Edward Schocker, a composer and performer and who has been mesmerizing audiences around the world with his unique glass instruments and tunings. Edward Schocker will present an evening of works written in alternate tuning systems and a variety of non-Western performance practices. Included in the concert is an offering from two series of musical works including, Dodecachordon -exploring the treatment of musical modes through drones produced from multiple electric guitars, and Sijo -“time being” pieces, which challenge our perception of pulse.

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