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響 Resonation 響

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響 Resonation


Sound Performance
Hibiki (resonation/vibration) of matter constitutes Space.
We unbind the implicit structure of the universe with a sonic

Glass vessel/Hichiriki flute: Edward Schocker
Shakuhachi bamboo flute: Hideo Sekino
Hochikku/Experimental instruments: Dylan Bolles

When : Saturday 5th April 7:30 pm.
Where : Mary Sano Studio of Duncan Dancing
245 Fifth St. Studio 314, San Francisco (Between Howard and Folsom)
Suggested Donation : $5-10 (food and drink included)

Edward Schocker holds a Masters Degree of Art from Mills College, and has studied composition with Lou Harrison, Pauline Oliveros, and Alvin Curran. Along with receiving many awards and residencies, Edward has assembled a collection of made and found instruments for which he co-created the ‘Music For People And Thingamajigs’ festival, an annual concert devoted entirely to works of alternate tunings and/or made and found instruments.

Hideo Sekino , Shakuhachi bamboo flutist and a member of Komuso Kenkyukai (a research organization on Komuso – Zen monk, practitioner of blowing Shakuhachi as religious training). He is a director of Rakudoan, a alternative performing art space in Tokyo.

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